Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dangers of Drinking Light Beer

March is coming in like a lion, and we who have been battered by winter weather, hope it goes out like a lamb.
On a bright note, the change of the calendar does mean there are only eight more months until Baltimore Beer Week 2010.
Beer made news , sporting news ,recently.
On the basketball front, an errant move by a Bud Light van caused a three hour delay in the Maryland-Virginia Tech game last Saturday , which the Terps eventually won .
According to an account written by the The Baltimore Sun's Don Markus, an van with a Bud Light logo carrying beer for pre-game party ran over a fire hydrant. The accident set off a chain reaction that ruptured the water main for the basketball arena.
Meanwhile on the hockey front, light beer caused more trouble.
After winning the Olympic gold medal in hockey , the Canadian women's team celebrated by smoking cigar, drinking beer and bubbly and a few took spins around the rink on the Zamboini.
There was some comment about the bad behavior. But what really upset the Canadians was that the Canadian players were sipping American suds.
" If you drink Coors Light the terrorist have won," Cam Cole a Canadian columnist wrote, according to Jere Longman's story in The New York Times.
More proof that drinking light beer is bad for society .