Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Greetings, Welcome to my new home

Greetings to fans of Kasper on Tap. This beer blog is moving from The Baltimore Sun , where I work, to the Baltimore Beer Week web site.
Since I will be filing my posts from home, after work hours, I don't think I will be posting as frequently as I did earlier. But we shall see.
I'm still interested in good beer, and the local beer culture.
The December issue of Food & Wine lists five beers to drink after you have felled the Christmas tree.
They are Birreria Le Baladin Noel, Ommegang Adoration, Samuel Adams Winter Lager, Victory Yakima Twilight Ale, Young's Doug Chocolate Stout.
I had the Victory at the Real Ale Festival during Baltimore Beer Week. Terrific Stuff.
Had the Sam Adams and Young's in prior winters. Not sure if this article is referring to the 2009 version.
Anybody had these brews?
What do you think?


  1. Welcome back, my friend!


  2. Welcome back Mr. Kasper (to the tune of a TV theme).

  3. Yay! Very cool - I was hoping you'd resurface in a blog somewhere!

  4. Rob, great having you on our site. Yakima, liked it both in cask and bottle, but not as ebullient as others. Have an unopened Adoration. Had last year's Baladin Noel, very good, but pricey.

  5. Dominic - Where did you find a cask of Yakima?

  6. We had the Yakima cask at the SPBW's Chesapeake Real Ale Fest held at The Pratt Street Ale House on Oct.17th. We had about 40 casks and 600 people and the Yakima was one of the first to go.