Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday beers

For Thanksgiving I am thinking of having a pilsner with the turkey, and stout with dessert.
Just tasted 59 winter beers for a column in The Sun. A tasting panel narrowed our picks in three categories--Belgium, American, British---to about a dozen favorites. It is set to run wednesday, December 2nd.
What are drinking this holiday season that you like?


  1. And where do we apply to join your next tasting panel, dear sir?

  2. Try adding a malty Oktoberfest to your stuffing course, and a fresh hop when tackling the sides (sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, etc).

  3. I plan on breaking out some Seirra Nevada Anniversary for the main meal (need something asertive against the sauerkraut), and then a Three Philosiphers, or Reserection for Desert.

    I plan on brining the turkey with some of my Scotish 80 I brewed this fall.

  4. Rob, Welcome back to the world of the blog-o-sphere! Thanks for keeping Kasper On Tap alive! I'm very much looking forward to sampling the plethora of holiday beers that are already hitting the shelves - but as a tradition I look for Anchor "Our Special Ale" and Sierra's Celebration first, then I loook around for any new and/or obscure beers to sample during the holiday season. In today's world I am always amazed at the scope of choices... Cheers, Joe Gold

  5. Happy Thanksgivng everyone! Before the meal, gonna try the Southern Tier Old Man Winter. I heard some negative comments about it, but I'll judge it myself. During the meal, the Schlenkerla Urbock and afterwards I have the Peche Mortal from Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel and the Ommegang Adoration. Love the holiday beers, Anchor Christmas, Scaldis Noel, Troegs Mad Elf, Corsendonk Xmas, etc. and we have 15 gallons of a slighty stronger Celebration clone in the fermenter awaiting dry hopping. Cheers for Beers!